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Quickly want to find which CMS Static block to modify to change front-end content?

Our Static Block Search extension will allow you to search in the Magento admin for a specific piece of content. This can be a piece of text, an image filename or HTML code. For larger Magento stores with multiple storeviews or languages the amount of static blocks can be quite large, now you can quickly find the right static block to change!

How the extension works:

  • Define or copy the text you want to modify
  • Go to your Magento admin
  • Enter or paste the desired content in the newly added search grid
  • The Magento admin will now only show the static blocks containing the content you want to modify

About the extension:

  • This extension is easy to install.
  • Compatible with Magento versions 1.4.2.x and up.
  • If requested one of our 8 developers will be happy to install the extension for you (see payment options below).
  • Not happy? We provide 30 day money back guarantee
  • Payment possible via Paypal
  • Please note: This extension will not add search capabilities to the front-end of your Magento store. It is specifically designed for the webshop owner and adds the search functionality to the backend only.

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