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Are you sure that your store can process a sale? Right now? Don’t be so sure, because…let’s be honest…more than 75% of Magento stores experience some kind of error in any given week.

In our upcoming webinar we will teach you how some of the best sites make sure they find and fix problems that cost revenue and understand how your ecommerce store stacks up against the competition! Join us on Tuesday, March 31 at 11 a.m. CET for an informative webinar with Roy Rosinnes the co-founder of Shoppimon, a free 24/7 Magento shop monitoring tool.

About Shoppimon

Shoppimon is a free 24/7 monitoring tool for Magento e-commerce websites that simulates the user journey on your site including visiting, searching, buying and checking out. Shoppimon alerts you if virtual shoppers find issues or obstacles on your site that could cause slowdowns or payment failures which can lead to loss of customers and revenues.

Sign up now for Shoppimon now (it’s free!) and see how your store performs!